Budgets and Managing Money

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To start this course, you will review the fundamentals of finance (including basic terms, generally accepted accounting principles, and financial roles in an organisation). Then, you will learn about different types of budgets and a six-step budgeting process. You will also learn how to monitor budgets, perform basic ratio analysis, and compare investment opportunities.

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We all play a role in our organisations financial health, whether we realise it or not. This course will give you the skills that you need to speak knowledgeably about budgets and managing money, and to contribute to the bottom line. We recommend that you complete Accounting Skills for New Supervisors before beginning this course.

For managers in today’s business world, it’s essential to have a working knowledge of finance. We all play a role in our organisation’s financial health, whether we realise it or not. If participants don’t have training or a background in finances, they may be at a disadvantage as they sit around the management table. Understanding the cycle of finance will help participants figure out where they fit into their company’s financial structure, and how to keep their department out of the red. This workshop will familiarise participants with the key concepts of finance and accounting and help them prepare budgets with more confidence.

Participants should complete our Accounting Skills for New Supervisors course before this workshop or have equivalent knowledge.

How You Will Benefit:

  • Define basic financial terminology
  • Prepare a budget of any type or size
  • Get your budget approved
  • Perform basic ratio analysis
  • Make better financial decisions

What You Will Cover:

  • The fundamentals of finance
  • The basics of budgeting
  • Parts of a budget
  • The budgeting process
  • Budgeting tips and tricks
  • Monitoring and managing budgets
  • Crunching the numbers
  • Getting your budget approved
  • Comparing investment opportunities
  • Directing the Peerless Data Corporation (intensive case study)


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